HowardCRM License

HowardCRM License

From: $85.00 / month

  • Special Limited Time Offer:  Get 30 day free trial for new customers! Email to learn more.
  • A SalesForce-powered CRM
  • Bank Level Encryption; Enterprise Level Security; HIPAA Compliant + CMS Compliant: “Our system is Soc2 Certified” – Review all our Certifications
  • Ability to compliantly quote and enroll MAPD, PDP, and Med Supps in all 50 states—COMING  SOON!
  • Ability to quote & enroll the ACA/Individual & Family Plans in all 50 states—COMING IN 2023!
  • Ability to compliantly send & store Scope of Appt and Enrollment Form
  • Ability to text and email Scope of Appt and Enrollment Form
  • Ability to enroll and get paid the “Admin Fee” for completing the Health Risk Assessment
  • Enroll ANY Carrier or Plan! Regardless of who your FMO or Upline is.
  • Includes Provider Lookup feature
  • Includes “pre-populated” drug search lookup, like
  • Reports & Dashboards to gain insights & analyze your entire book of business
  • Household/Contact Management
  • Policy Management
  • Ability to save and attach files
  • Support and training included
  • Compatible with all Apple and Android Smart Devices
  • Blue Button Functionality



Other CRMs are just good placeholders for data. HowardCRM takes this data and allows you to create and run your own custom reports. If you are selling either ACA (Affordable Care Act) or Medicare plans, and either a carrier or a plan is eliminated, HowardCRM allows you to run a report on all customers on that plan. Plus, we build all the plans into HowardCRM for you! At no cost to you, we will upload your data into HowardCRM and instantly you will see the benefits of the workflows, and other automation that make your life much easier and will prevent leads and/or other opportunities from slipping through the cracks.

  • Plus, you have the benefit of being able to compliant quote and enroll MAPD, PDP, & Med Supps
  • And during AEP, you can rapidly analyze your entire PDP book of business for better plans
  • Lastly, you also have the ability to rapidly analyze your entire Med Supp book of business for specific sales initiatives or help evaluating your customers’ plans during the annual “Birthday Rule” period.

HowardCRM is not a STATIC CRM, it’s ever-evolving – our goal is to continually improve, refine and innovate on our functionality. But perhaps the best part is that we allow YOU to determine what future enhancements you’d like to see. With your ongoing feedback to our system, your suggestions become reality for future enhancements.

SECURITY: because HowardCRM is powered by SalesForce, you get the best of both worlds. Our security includes multi-factor authentication. It also meets or exceeds bank-grade encryption, including DOD, PCI, HIPPA and many more industry standards for cloud security.